True Stories by Courageous Women

Busting Through Fear

“While you’re struggling with the fear that it can’t be done, somebody else is doing it.”  Holly Stiel

I was talking to a dear friend the other day and we were discussing the “stuff” that holds people back from expressing the music, the talent, the dreams and the passion that’s in them.  And, we both determined that the key operative is “fear”.

That fear can show up in so many ways.  It can be the over-busy schedule of doing the “not that important” stuff that keeps you from doing the “real” stuff that could make a difference.  It could be caving into the doubts that come up in your own mind whenever you dream about what it is that you want to do.  I bet you have felt it at one time or another.

Or, it could be not following the inspiration, the nudge that comes your way.  I love this story about a woman who followed a nudge:

Ella Fitzgerald dreamed of being a doctor until she happened to hear about Amateur Night at Harlem’s famed Apollo Theatre (a precursor to our live talent shows that are so popular on TV now).  She decided to participate and practiced her dance routine.  However, as soon as she got on stage, her legs froze.  She couldn’t move and her heart was beating so loudly that she knew everyone must be able to hear it.  The audience laughed at her awkward deer-in-the-headlights stance.  So, in order to distract them, she began to sing songs she had memorized from her mother’s records.  The audience was quickly silenced.  They were blown away by her talent.  Simply awestruck.

Ella went on to win a $25 prize.  And, her magnificent singing career was launched.

Got some music in you that has been silenced too long?  Pay attention to the nudge.

Ann Quasman’s goal is simple: To each day start a conversation that moves even one woman from talking to doing.

Ann is passionate about supporting community and national efforts and causes – and, WomanTalk Live sponsors numerous events each year.  In addition, Ann serves as a board member of The Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MCASA), the statewide collective voice advocating for accessible, compassionate care for survivors of sexual crimes and accountability for all offenders.

Want to talk and take action with Ann? Call 410.583.5355 or email


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